Diet for blood group – for the 4th of blood

The 4-th group of blood is the rarest and youngest. It began approximately a thousand years ago by the merger of the two opposing groups of blood – the second and third. Fourth blood group get less than 10 percent of the world’s population. People with a 4-th blood group has a rapid response to changes in the environment and dietary. Minus 4 th blood is considered too sensitive digestive tract and immune system. The basis of the diet for group 4 levels should be deep-fat dairy items, raw vegetables and fruits, and of meat products is recommended to use lamb and venison. Mixing the 2 opposite groups of blood, which led to the emergence of group 4, just prevents people from this type of lose weight speedily and easily save the form. To effectively lose mass, the owners of the 4th group of blood want to limit the consumption of meat, combining it in certain proportions with vegetables. Helpful 4th blood products are: fresh meat turkey, venison, lean lamb, crab, dairy items, nuts, oatmeal, wheat bread, fresh cabbage, cranberries, pineapples. It is also recommended to avoid foods big in vitamin C, zinc and selenium, however right as hawthorn tincture, Echinacea, thistle. For active weight loss may be eaten such food enzymes such so bromelain and quercetin. Diet for a 4th blood recommends limiting consumption of foods such as beef, bacon, salmon, whole milk, beans, buckwheat, horseradish, olive butter and small bananas. If your goal – quickly and effectively lose mass and keep its shape for years to come, avoid red meat, beans, corn, and wheat products. These foods contribute to mass gain among representatives of the 4th group of blood. Exceptional regime for the 4th of blood is that it should be assorted. Eat raw vegetables, fresh fruit, meat (except red) and dairy products in equal measure – and you will be able to preserve your shape slim and great. In order to lose gravity, try to eat seafood (but not pickled or smoked), soybeans, green raw vegetables, pineapple and pineapple nectar. Speedily diet will do you good if you correctly choose for themselves the types of drinks that may be consumed, and those that are good avoided. People with the 4th group of blood may not deny myself the use of coffee, green green tea, herbal infusions of chamomile, peppermint, rose hips, hawthorn. It is better to avoid broth lime and soda. A dietary according to blood group, do not forget approximately exercise. For people with a 4-th blood group is recommended to combine moderate exercise with relaxation exercises, autogenic training, meditation and yoga. The good technique to keep in shape – is to combine intellectual activity with lightness physical activity. This regimen will help you avoid different diseases excrete toxins, and eventually lose weightiness. If you strive to always stick to the dietary for blood group, your form will be perfect for many years.


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