Blood group regimen – a diet for group 2

People in the second group of blood belong to a cohort of farmers. This blood group arose during the transition from hunting to a sedentary, agrarian lifestyle. Group 2 blood is about 38% of the population. Characteristic features of the representatives of the second group of blood – permanence, adaptive to work in a team. Strengths of the representatives of the 2nd group of blood – it’s a good adaptation to changes in diet and external circumstances. A regime for blood group immune and digestive system will be more effectual. Weaknesses of the people in the second group of blood: the sensitivity of digestive tract, a weak immune system for non-compliance on the blood group regime, increased sensitivity of the nervous system. Representatives of the 2nd group of blood at risk of heart disease, anemia, diabetes, liver disease and even prone to the formation of malignant tumors. Recommended Dietary for a second group of blood – is a vegetarian diet. If you vtoroya blood group, in ordering to maintain its bod and intense regimen eat raw vegetables, whole grains, legumes, soy, fresh fruit (except citrus, coconut, small bananas). Dairy products and cane sugar is significantly limited if you need to lose weight quickly and keep long attractive figure. Crab consumption in this kind of regimen will also have to approximately extent limit – if you group 2 of blood in order to preserve the bod and health of the aging body and dietary according to blood group should be excluded from the diet of herring, eggs and seafood. Of beverages in the regimen for the 2nd blood are recommended: green tea, coffee, and does not hurt the wine. And to maintain the contour or if you require to lose weight drink the juice – cherry, carrot, pineapple, grapefruit, medium lemon diluted. Do not just orangeness nectar, black tea and soft drinks. If you require to lose weight speedily, avoid foods such how fresh meat (allowed to apply chicken and turkey), items made from wheat, pepper, sugar, cream, corn and peanut butter. Those with group 2, blood, weightiness loss want also avoid dairy products. Also avoid synthetic vitamin A (B-carotene people with 2nd group of blood is good to obtain from food). Gravity loss for people with a second group of blood to a regimen based on foods incorporate vegetables, soy, pineapple, veggie oils – olive, flaxseed, rapeseed. You also must to take vitamin C, E, calcium, iron, zinc, chromium and selenium. When group 2 blood useful to apply bifidobacteria, tinctures and herbal teas from ginseng, echinacea, hawthorn, liquid milk thistle. Of exercise for weightiness loss members of Group 2 blood recommend quieter activities: yoga, dance, tai chi, gymnastics. How people from the second group of blood possess the digestive system that focuses on vegetarian (with deep acidity of the stomach), they should avoid meat. Exceptions to this diet is really that chicken and turkey fresh meat. In people with 2nd group of blood fresh meat slows metabolism and promotes fat storage. Do not eat fresh meat at all, if you must to lose weight or maintain a slender figure. Since vegetarianism for the second group of blood is an organic, vegetarian regime is the blood type may also actively support the immune system and add people to this type of energy. Group 2, the blood belongs to people with very sensitive stomach lining. In the second group of blood to avoid all kinds of spicy and salty foods, sour fresh fruits and berries, and many sauces and even fresh potatoes. But in the regimen allowed the onion, garlic and carrots. If you require to lose weight and keep in contour, restrict the use of dairy items. People in the second group of blood more suitable dairy products and short-fat cheeses, curds, curds. Source of protein for the second group of blood dish up soy items, and eggs. For efficacious people lose weightiness with the 2nd group of blood is enough to observe respectively regime and physical activity. Specific recommendations to preserve the bod and for greater mass loss in the 2nd group of blood is not available.


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