Diet Kim Protasov: to become a gazelle, not skinny cow

A regime designed for 5 weeks. Her “favorites” – raw vegetables and dairy products. Author regimen promises that in 5 weeks “you lose how much as this is useful to you.” Kim Protasov – Israeli nutritionist. Dietary, which he developed, does not limit the quantity fresh food: at least, fresh vegetables and dairy products may eat however much as you claim. Vegetables should be eaten raw and non-starch (that is, the fresh potatoes will not do), and dairy items – 5% of the second fat. A regimen designed for five weeks. During this time, so promised myself Kim Protasov, may lose however much how this is useful to you. “Do not create a meal out of the cult – says the author. – Skinny cow is not a gazelle. ” First 2 week of non-starchy fresh vegetables may be raw. You may be eaten individually and prepare them to salads. Cottage cheese and yogurt 5% fat. You may also be added to something, such so in salads. Once a time – boiled egg and three green fresh apples. Drinks per day need drink 2 liters of h2o. May chocolate and tea – no saccharose. Monitor the amount of fat in the diet – want be no more than 35 grams a day. Week Three, chetvertayai fifth third week of diet can be added to the dietary of fresh meat. But do not jump on it same you’re a hungry edge. For the aging body, which is accustomed to the temporary absence of the meat, it may be stressful. Any one can lean animals, poultry and fish. On the day – 300 g raw vegetables and drink – the same so in the previous 2 week. Of dairy items should be gradually decreased so the protein the body starts to get not only of them but of the flesh. Non-starchy fresh vegetables similar fresh cabbage, celery, lettuce, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, beans, peas, parsley, dill, garlic, eggplant, bell peppers. In other words, everything except potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, cooked carrots. Dairy products: cheese, yogurt 5% fat. When looking at their selection of packaging – they want not contain starch and saccharose. How sweet yogurt and cheese will not work. Earlier we get on this regime (so well how on any other), consult a doctor.


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