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All those wishing to lose weight a good day! For a long time I struggle with weightiness, with varying success. Sitting on the Kremlin diet, gravity left, and then back again mustered, because I love all the lint, zhirnenkoe and sweet. Lover of fresh bread and mayonnaise. Not surprisingly, with the growth of 177 centimeters, at the beginning of February, I began to weigh 104 kg. And this has to do something. Learned a lot of different regimen, but I do not fit. Severely restrict your diet did not want to, and in many regimen last meal was completed in 18 hours, which I absolutely did not fit. I love to eat late at night, hungry and may not sleep. And by chance on a forum read approximately the efficacy of lower-carbohydrate, and fat-free regime Pierre Ducane. Thoroughly acquainted with it, and read his book. This dietary came to me in every technique, and most importantly is however much you need and when you need. And another huge advantage of this dietary is that it describes in detail how to fix the effect. I describe the regime will not. Better acquainted with it on your website. The only drawback for some will be the fact that we will get to stand at the stove and make, but for me it is not a question. On their website, I filled the desk and it has given me the result that by the summer (4 months) with the rightly approach, I must leave 19 kg. This will suit me, because rapidly lose weight is dangerous for the body, especially for elderly people. As my wife and I bought food for the first stage of the regime (attack) and started to experiment. The chief products that are desirable, you are: 1. Oat bran. (I also bought bran 3 varieties for preparation pancakes.) 2. Poor fat cheese. 3. Little-fat yogurt. 3 Poor-fat milk. 4. Sweetener for sweet. 5. Vitamins. (I even bought the ginseng capsules to maintain vigor.) 6. Canned crab in its own juices. 7. Pickled gherkins. 8. Spices – cumin, coriander, bay leaf, pepper, etc. 9. Mustard, horseradish, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, fresh tomato paste for salads and sauces. 10. Eggs. 11. Greens. 12. Crab sticks and meat (for salads and snacks) 13. Water to drink 1.5 -2 liters. (I’m in the evening is filled with h2o from the tap 3-liter jar and allowed to settle overnight. During the night, all the impurities are deposited, chlorine evaporates and the morning gets goodness drinking h2o. 2 liters per time, drink, and pour out the rest alloy.’s Very simple. 14. Corn starch. Cook basic meals I for two for 2-3 times. Begin to engage in sport when leaves remain the chief weight 3.4 kilogram extra. Activities will help them to lose, since the finish kilogram. Leave too slowly. Going forward, I need to share that this regimen works correctly. For 2 months I lost 13 kg, 10 kg wife. Without discomfort. Comfortably, I’ll share with you a lovely, wholesome, fat-free, little-carbohydrate diet meals, which helped and help to lose weightiness without restricting your diet. Luck in your endeavors! PS Ask your questions. Pleased to answer them. For today I am not a theorist on the diet, and practices.


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