My beloved regimen Nicole Kidman

In compliance with this dietary is to drink a time to 1.5 liters of boiling h2o. Excluded from the regimen – alcohol, saccharose, saline. In the 1-st week reduced nearly all of the extra gravity, the second – 100-150 g per day, but losing weight is completely fixed. Time 1: Breakfast – black coffee. Lunch – 2 egg, spinach, fresh tomatoes. Dinner – a piece of boiled fresh meat, sprig of green salad. Time 2: Breakfast – toast, black chocolate. Lunch – a part of boiled fresh meat. Dinner – a slice of ham, yogurt. 3rd day: Breakfast – toast, black chocolate. Lunch – celery root, fried in oil, fresh tomatoes, fresh fruit. Dinner – 2 egg (hard boiled), a cup of grated carrots, a bit of cheese. Day 4: Breakfast – black chocolate. Lunch – eggs (hard-boiled), a cup of grated carrots, a piece of cheese. Dinner – a great portion of fruit salad. Day 5: Breakfast – black chocolate. Lunch – a large portion of lean crab. Dinner – a cup of grated carrots. Day 6: Breakfast – toast, black chocolate. Lunch – a great part of chicken, a sprig of green salad. Dinner – 2 eggs (hard boiled). Time 7: Breakfast – tea without saccharose. Lunch – a large bit of boiled meat, fresh fruit.
 Dinner – boiled crab with vegetables.


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