Pierre Ducane – brilliant nutritionist France

Pierre Ducane – brilliant nutritionist France, which led his people to give up all sorts of edible delights. He is the author of the developer dietary, which consists of four phases. French nutritionist Pierre Ducane (Pierre Dukan) – a specialist with a worldwide reputation, and backed by nearly 25 years of experience and good-selling book, “I do not know however to lose weight.” Among his star clients – Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, according to the approach Ducane lost gravity for the wedding and the bride cottage-2011 Kate Middleton. Ducane regime attracts many because of its easy to follow. The author calls this the principle of “eat and hudey” that is, to observe this regimen do not need to starve or count calories. It includes four steps: “attack”, “alternate”, “consolidation” and “stabilization.” The basis of the regimen – protein products, with the most excluded carbohydrate diet food. So, many are skeptical colleagues Ducane to his dietary and found this way to lose mass is very controversial, if alone because it does not prohibit the use of Ducane calorie “cola.” In addition, it is believed that a great number of proteins may harm the body. As dieters that does not stop: the regime Ducane gravity of fans and followers, as, quite a few enemies. The general plus dietary Ducane is that sitting on her person does not feel empty. First, the doctor approved items may enjoy absolutely no restrictions. Second, the regime included are delectable ingredients from which to prepare intricate dishes such how jellied chicken or crab salad. So a result, the 1-st pounds away quite easily, and it sets a positive method. Not only that, the author claims that his approach is effective even when the body stops responding to any other ways of losing weight. So, not everything went smoothly in the regime Duke. A regimen based primarily on protein products, may not be called balanced, and that means losing weight that people do not have all the necessary items of his aging body. In addition, excessive consumption of protein meal can disrupt metabolic processes and, how a consequence, there are problems with the kidneys and joints. However think approximately it, are you ready to lose weightiness this technique, and see, do not come if you’re in a risk group for which this diet is strictly contraindicated. Say it is categorically not allowed teenagers to 18 years, the elderly, pregnant and lactating women, and people with chronic diseases. The first phase of the diet menu – “Attack” It takes 3 to 10 days, during which you can eat without restrictions the following products: turkey, chicken, ham, veal liver, fish (not salted or smoked), seafood, egg, deep-fat dairy products. The main way of cooking – preparation. Frying and preparation fried impossible. In addition, on the day it is required to consume 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran. During this period, is strictly prohibited saccharose and alcohol, but allowed spices, vinegar, onion, garlic and a small saline. The second stage – “Cruise” The second step is based on the alternation of protein and veggie regimen, the duration of which shall be calculated individually. In the day you eat protein without limitation all of the dishes from the 1-st stage. In the vegetable – any fruit except starch (avocado, lentils, fresh potatoes, peas, beans). Fruits better boiled or baked. During the time, it is necessary to eat 2 tablespoons of oat bran and a strong desire may afford spices, adjika, garlic, liquid milk, cocoa, half a glass of white or red wine (you need select alone 2 products a time). The third stage – a “fixed” one kilogram of weightiness loss want fall 10 days of consolidation. During this period, allowed all the products from the 1-st phase and the second of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, about bread and cheese. A duo of times a 7 days you can afford to fresh potatoes, rice or pasta. The chief thing – do not forget every time apply 2.5 tablespoons of bran. The fourth stage – “Stabilization” This phase may finish more than one year. It is possible to eat anything you should, but every day it is necessary to eat 3 tablespoons of bran, and once a week to eat according to the rules of the first stage. Regardless of the stage, a prerequisite regimen are: daily fluid intake of at least two liters. Daily walks, the duration of which is some thirty min. Regime Pierre Ducane, just same any other regime, is efficient alone when a reasonable technique and preliminary medical consultation.


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