Regimen for a third blood

The 3-rd group of blood is the result of the migration of races. This group is most common among the nomads. Mutation that gave rise to the 3-rd group of blood, due to the influence of climate change. People with the third group of blood is approximately 20% of the world population. Psychological type of people with the 3-rd group of the blood characterized by the creativity, accuracy and diligence. Strengths of the third group of blood are strong immune system, goodness flexibility and a balanced nervous system. Congenital weakness in the third group there is almost no blood, but the permanent and long-term damage to the blood type dietary health may comfortably falter. With long-term non-compliance with dietary, you not only ruin the shape, but also run the risk of suffering from diabetes, chronic fatigue and lower immunity. Regime recommendations for the 3-rd group of blood: Stick to a assorted regimen. Since the “nomads” are omnivorous, in ordering to maintain the anatomy It is possible to eat fresh meat, fresh vegetables and fresh fruit, and dairy items. Diet for your blood type should also involve eggs, cereals (except buckwheat and wheat), legumes, and fresh fish. Chief advantage of such a regimen – balance. People with a 3-rd blood group need avoid seafood, pork and chicken. Recommended drinks to diet for blood group number 3: Various teas (black, green, herbal), grape, pineapple and orangeness juice, cranberry nectar. If you wish to lose weightiness and keep slim your form, avoid fresh tomato nectar and soda. However to exclude from the dietary corn, peanuts, tomatoes and pork. Fatty pork is particularly harmful for your form. If you want to keep long slim form or decide to lose weightiness quickly and effectively – exclude from the above products and limit your intake of fat and saccharose. And do not forget some exercise. Help people lose weightiness with the 3-rd group of blood following items: green salad, beef, egg, liver, pineapple, as properly however magnesium, licorice, lecithin, echinacea, the enzyme bromelain. For the purpose of weight loss and maintenance figures for people with 3-rd blood group should follow the physical and mental balance. Who walked, rip out cycling, swimming, tennis, yoga – and your figure will be ideal (subject to a regimen). For people with a 3-rd group of blood is contraindicated buckwheat dietary – it slows down the metabolism. Wheat and peanuts also lower metabolism in people with the third group of blood.


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