Serum Ducane

Variant for ice cream lovers, losing gravity on a regimen Ducane… We want: 2 eggs (large C0) or three smaller ones, 1 cup skim liquid milk, 1/2 boxes of fluid curds Valio (some 125 grams), 4 tsp. Sweetener (Fit Parad, if other then to tasting), 1/2 pods vaniliPRIGOTOVLENIE: Proteins separated from the yolks. Mix egg yolks with 3 tsp sahzamenitelya then throw in milk. Mix up thoroughly. Cut the vanilla pod in half and put in the mixture. The mixing was put on minimal heat and make until it starts to thicken. Obligatory to interfere and not to depart for a moment, and then fold the yolks and will float lumps. When the mixing becomes mushy, remove from heating and cool. In another bowl, beat whites in strong thick foam with one teaspoon sahzamenitelya. When the inverted bowl, they do not attempt to drop the desk and add to the liquid curd. (If you possess not sold a liquid curds do not despair, buy once and bring it through the blender until shine, as there was not a speck). Of a mixture with the yolks remove the vanilla pod and connect both mixtures. Very closely blend until smooth and all in morozhennitsu. Morozhennitsy If not, do not despair… The truth will possess to work on. Put the mixture in the freezer (the freezer is good to enable the active freezing). This, again, to our time to crash up the mixing into fractions. So, depending on your freezer (check by experience), the mixing want be taken out every 10-30 minutes and move. While it is not very hardened, better to do it with a mixer. So It is possible to plug. Later a duo of hours of ice cream is ready.


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