Dietary Larisa Dolina

I’m same, I hope, and you, with beautiful pleasure listening to songs by Larisa Dolina. And changes bod singer, what happened not so long ago, it was simply impossible to ignore. According to rumors – I do not know whether to believe it or not – lost weight thanks to Larisa Dolina diet described on this page (and not those pills for weight loss, which she at one time however actively promoted on TV:). Because the name – regimen Larisa Dolina – clung to this dietary is very steady. Although it would be good to call it by the name of the author – Dr. Saykova diet. Duration dietary Valley – 7 days. Food these days is regulated very strictly, substitute items and generally at least somewhat deviate from the prescribed dietary rules is impossible. The entire daily ration want be divided into six roughly equal parts and eat strictly on time – at 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 hours (of course, if you wake up until 11 am and go to bed later midnight, the hours of the food may be moved to suit your daily routine – 1-st meal shortly later waking up, the finish – at least 4 hours before bedtime). Before each meal to drink 50 ml (a quarter cup) of this herbs – St. John’s wort, chamomile and calendula (one sachet of each herb per cup of boiling h2o, It is possible to brew a time throughout the day, in the morning). Diet dietary Larisa Dolina week times (remember, it is required to withstand very strict): Day 1 – 400 grams of broiled murphy without salt, and 0. 5 liters of yogurt with 1% serum, 2 day – 400 g. Of fat-free yogurt, and 0. 5 liters of yogurt with 1% serum, 3 time – 400 g. Of fruit (any, except for the sweet: bananas, grapes) and 0. 5 liters of yogurt with 1% cream, Day 4 – 400 g. Of cooked chicken breast without saline, and 0. 5 liters of yogurt with 1% serum, 5 time – 400 gr. Of fruit and 0. 5 liters of yogurt with 1% serum, Time 6 – 1. 5 liters of mineral water without gas (for the h2o bottle to open the day before), 7 time – 400 grams of fruit and 0. 5 liters of 1% fat yogurt. In addition to the items listed in the morning you can drink a cup of black chocolate, no saccharose, and during the time to drink boiled h2o (not more than 0. 5 liters per day). But daily bowel movements (if required – with enemas). Later 7 days a 7 days regime It is possible to eat however ordinary, but by limiting sweets, fatty, spicy and flour dishes – however to consolidate the effect obtained. This week may increase 0. 1.5 kg weight, but do not have to be scared, it’s normal. Later 7 times of “binding” to resume the regime. Alternate the dietary with enshrining weeks to so long so you reach the desired weight. Valley diet seriously limits the amount and calorific intake. Sustain its hard, especially repeated week. In this case, it must be noted, quite balanced dietary diet (how is potential with such little amounts of fresh food), it contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals, and dietary fibers (cellulose). Accordingly, the recommendation – to repeat a dietary, alternating with enshrining 7 days, “until you reach the desired weight” – it seems to me quite real. Although, I To think of if you enjoy not achieved the desired body gravity for three repeat, you should really consider whether it is real and is a goal that you possess set.


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