Dietary for blood group

The basis for the creation of this dietary was the assumption that belonging to a group of blood in the aging body detects the presence of specific antigens that will react negatively to a particular group of items. And the assumption that belonging to a particular blood group has various levels of acidity, and the differences in digestive enzymes, about differences in the metabolism and ability to withstand stress and activity of the immune system. The assumption of the decisive role of the blood was made later nutritionists faced with a number of paradoxes. Why at one and the same regime about patients have good results, others not. Descriptions of each blood group, obtained by further observations suggest that not alone your fresh food must be dependent on blood group, but also in a way of life. Let us dwell on about of the characteristic features of each group and to food. The 1-st group of blood or Type 0: in this group of blood just to keep effective. With it the request for physical exercise increases with age. It is also necessary to control your behavior and do not get irritated by little things. In the nutrition you want to focus on animal proteins. Eat red fresh meat, vegetables and fruits. It must really limit the apply of products made from wheat and other grains, as correctly however items from wheat flour. Limit consumption of dairy items and most nuts. The second group of blood or Type A: Representatives of the group to avoid stress. They are goodness for moderate load exercise, yoga. To maintain their physical activity they need brief periods of rest and regular sleep. In nutrition emphasis placed on fruits and vegetables, avoid meat and dairy items. The 3-rd group of blood or Type B: You should avoid emotional exhaustion, and want not take the matter to heart. To relax recommended walks. To save memory to old age, want always be engaged in mental activities. Fresh food varied. Should be consumed in equal measure fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, dairy and meat products, but you should avoid chicken. The 4-th group of blood or Type AB: Avoid loneliness. Outline your day so that you possess time to work out. This will help you feel more energetic and alert. Recommended to get a small quantity of diet food, but more often than three times a time. Mostly vegetarian dietary. You can eat crab, fresh meat (but not chicken) and dairy items, but not often. Disadvantages. Such a regime is difficult to implement in a family whose members keep different blood types. The exclusion from the regimen of a specific group of items can lead to a lack of nutrients in the body.


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