Regime Angel

Angel dietary – vitamin-protein regimen plan that is simple and very efficient for the relief of excess mass. Duration of the dietary Angel – 13 days. During this time, It is possible to lose 7-8 kg mass loss. Regime Angel. PitaniyaRazreshennoy fresh food system during a protein dietary angel or vegetables and fruits. Strictly prohibited carbohydrates and fats. The apply of all kinds of sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup and sour cream is prohibited, and the fresh food must be prepared without fat. Also forbidden foods on the dietary become angel cane sugar, small bananas, persimmons, grapes, dried fresh fruit, potatoes, apricots, coffee, tea, juice, beer, jelly and alcohol. Sol may be used only in little quantities, how it keeps the h2o in the body. From drinks on times regimen you can afford alone plain water, mineral and herbal teas. Angel regime menu: 1-day regime Breakfast: black coffee without saccharose. Lunch: 2 eggs, 1 tomato and green salad. Dinner: lean beef, fried under pressure in a little olive oil. 2 day dietary Breakfast: Black coffee, no saccharose, bread. Dinner: lean beef, fried butter with green lettuce and fresh tomato. Dinner: bisque. 3rd day regime Breakfast: Black coffee, no cane sugar, bread. Dinner: lean beef, fried oil with green salad. Dinner: 2 boiled egg with two slices of lean ham. 4-time diet Breakfast: Black chocolate, no sugar, fresh bread. Lunch: 1 eggs, 1 carrot, cheese. Dinner: fresh fruit salad, a cup of yogurt. 5-day dietary Breakfast: grated carrots with lemon. Lunch: fish, fried under pressure and tomato. Dinner: lean beef, fried butter with green salad. 6-time dietary Breakfast: Black chocolate, no saccharose, fresh bread. Lunch: a portion of chicken, fried without fat, green salad. Dinner: lean beef, green salad. 7-time dietary Breakfast: green tea without sugar. Dinner: lean meat, grilled on a skewer, green salad. Dinner: whatever you need, but not many. Following, repeat all, but without the 7-time. You can change the ordering of the selected times. Drink during a dietary Angel only water.


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