Pre-regimen mass loss regime

Pre regime If you need to freshen up in the short term, such so the rapidly approaching holiday, lose at least three pounds in a few days, It is possible to use described on this page diet, which got a “speaking” name – Pre. Daily intake of dietary – 1, 250 calory, with a power consumption of a diet you’ll lose weight well. If you just must to shake things up a bit and you feel better, try the lite variation of the regime with a daily rate of 1, 500 calories. On each time, choose from the proposed list one breakfast, one light lunch, one dinner and one tight energy-intensive snack. In varied times, alternate varied breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, try to diet every meal on various days was variant. If desired, lunch and dinner may be reversed. Breakfast (250-300 calory): fresh fruit salad – blend sliced one apple, one banana, sliced, a few grapes and pour the salad contents of one cup of organic yogurt, 25 grams of bran flakes, diluted liquid milk, toast, spread with natural honey, few grapes, two toasted fresh bread with baked tomatoes, one slice of lean bacon, roasted on the grill. Lunch (350-400 calory): a sandwich of 2 slices of bread from wheat flour with one of the following fillers: 75 g chicken (without face) or ham with lettuce and cucumber, 50 g of tuna with lemon nectar and chopped tomatoes, 100 g of curds with chopped cornichons and watercress, two toasted bread with 125 grams of cooked beans, broiled tomatoes, an orange, a small part of melon, 150 grams of any fresh fish, cooked on the grill, a large portion of mix salad, bun floury meal, 200 g fresh potatoes, boiled in their skins, 50 grams salad of shredded fresh cabbage, lettuce and cucumber, one apple. Dinner (400 calory): 100 g chicken or turkey, a large portion of mixed veg salad, a slice of strawberry patty, 100 g of spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce made from canned or fresh tomatoes with basil, garlic, lemon nectar, 25g grated low-fat cottage cheese salad of watercress and one orangeness, 25 grams of vanilla ice serum, 75 grams cod or salmon, baked in foil with medium lemon juice and margarine, broccoli, zucchini, stewed carrots 50 g, 125 g fresh potatoes, boiled in their skins, one banana, broiled in the oven (pre sprinkling with lemon juice, It is possible to sprinkle sugar substitute), half a grapefruit (It is possible to append saccharose substitute), 125 grams of lean lamb chops, grilled, a small gravy, cauliflower, green peas 50 grams, 75 g of mashed fresh potatoes, prepared with skim milk, mint sauce, green beans, broiled tomatoes, pears, cooked in red wine and sweetened with cane sugar replace, 100 grams shrimp or crab meat, a great portion of mix salad, small troll, 25 g of lower-fat cheese “cheddar”, 100 grams strawberries, two slices of fresh pineapple, may be a some sweetener for pineapple. Snacks (100 calory): a big portion of fresh fresh vegetables with a sauce made from the cup of natural yogurt, a teaspoon of mustard and lemon nectar to taste an apple and ten grapes, a small bowl along of the meal with salad fillings. If you pick the variation with 1500 calories, so append the daily regime of short-calorie bag of crackers, any slice of fresh bread and about fresh fruit. For example, apple, pear, orange or a small banana. Pre regime will allow you to reach a goodness effect, if you follow a few simple rules: tea, coffee, cane sugar-free drink, or at least, if you drink them savory absolutely can not, apply artificial sweeteners, drink lots of water (but certainly not through force), mineral and easy, thanks to better the condition of your face. “Sit” on this dietary can be more than a few days (up to a 7 days), repeat it often is not worth. Use it alone for its intended purpose: to quickly have in bod, lose a few extra pounds before approximately significant event, and not really expect to have with it long-term, stable result.


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