Record second, or books Ducane

My exeperimental get the future time, the preparation how such is available. I am a supporter of the method Ducane, which I will write below. I’ll tell you approximately the chief components of this “regimen.” For me it is not a diet, but a technique of life in the future. Why? Explain below. Ducane dietary is divided into four phases: Attack, Alternation, consolidation and stabilization. Phase “attack” – the shortest. From two to seven days maximum. At this stage, the regime contains alone proteins. The second phase – “Rotation” – one of the most important. BW alternating times (pure protein) and BO days (veg proteins) to reach the desired weight. Here it is impossible to say exactly as long it will take for this stage. The 3-rd stage – a “fixed”. For every kg of lost causes 10 days fastening. To proteins and raw vegetables are added to certain foods (I will describe in more detail in some post). The finish phase of “Stabilization” is forever. Its essence lies in the protein Thursday. That’s all. I set approximately trying to lose weightiness using this way after reading Duke. If someone decides to follow my example – I strongly advise you to read it. Yesterday went on business, went to the bookstore and saw a book on the shelf “350 recipes regimen Ducane.” Needless to say that I bought? When I first started to lose weight for the first time, I was faced with the issue of “what is and how to cook?” I saved the forums where I proofread recipes, but currently I’m without it I’m ready I do not know however to lose weight with recipes Books has no on the Internet. All I’ll cook – I will upload recipes to the blog. As help me Ducane and exercise!


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