Easy Dietary ABC

It is also called “traffic light”, and on it all the items are divided into three groups: the product that gives the red lightness: in the diet of them need opt not to use them, and never in any way. Among them – any fast food, milk, mayonnaise, bacon and fatty meats, beer and champagne, cheesecakes and pies with cream, ice serum and all fizzy drinks, including your version of “lightness”, white bread and pastry pastry. Items “under a yellow light,” It is possible to eat and drink earlier six in the evening (or no later than 2 to three hours before bedtime). Approximately even in unlimited quantities. Here we are some surprises: the regimen does not prevent us or pasta, or just about any cereal (not cream and the milk!) Or unsweetened baking of puff pastry. We may possess – in reasonable quantities, of course – any sausages and other lower-fat fresh meat items, any lean fresh meat, including poultry, cocoa, caramel and candy, cheese and cheese, and dry fruits, pickles, spices, ketchup, chocolate. The item, which is open green: they may be used at any time, in any quantity. Until satiety. Among them is a great and healthy fresh food, so a variety of seafood and boiled fresh fish, cabbage, different green salads, cucumbers and greens, medium apples, carrots and citrus fruits, buckwheat, unleavened bread, and low-fat unsweetened yogurt and kefir, olive and any other oil, and 2 boiled egg a day. ABC especial dietary is that it will never feel starving. All is right, you say, but for almost any diet trip to a restaurant or a holiday feast – a strong test! With ABC regime is much easier: It is possible to observe and diet, and do not spoil the party – either themselves or others. The restaurant just stick to the “principle of two courses.” That is an appetizer, first, second and compote is not for you. Choose or snack plus soup or broth and a second, plus a snack or dessert. At the banquet table to start to define what you eat – meat or crab, and the rest of the evening follow this selection. That is: or sausage, salad “Olivier” for a snack, plus chicken or turkey, beef or pork on hot – or salad “Mimosa”, fried fresh fish, crab pie. And to select ‘tween a hot meal and a sweet dessert, either pork chop or apple pie. From appetizers also do not give up, not to lay up an appetite and do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach. By the technique, ABC regimen allows moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages, but alone allows the dry and semi-sweet wine, martini, whiskey and vodka. If you wish to spend the time fasting, then it must be a day of the same item. Who eat his well-being indefinitely, to use with lots of water. It may be any product of the “green” list, even potatoes, most importantly, without butter and virtually no salt, because it’s other products. The “traffic lightness” the general principles of full and proper nutrition, however this diet will be useful not only wishing to lose weightiness, but in general everything from child to adult, – says Elena Gordeeva, dietitian, PhD. – It is particularly relevant for people with overweight and obesity. At the like time it helps to learn to respect the principles of goodness nutrition, which is usually in itself leads to good health and weightiness loss. Of course, how and subject to any diet, you need to consult with your doctor: perhaps because of illness will request to exclude approximately legitimate regimen products. For example, if ABC wants to strive allergy, pathology of digestive system, or some other disease. But it is the very “traffic light” principle remains the same. Dietary to work even better, you need be a few conditions: Power should be fractional. Up to 5-6 times a day. This will ensure the ordinary operation of the digestive enzymes and the digestive tract so a whole. In addition, this mode creates more saturated, that is, “interrupts” the appetite. Better prepare dishes in boiled or stewed. Immediately after eating good be same to walk around. In any case not to do a “afternoon siesta.” At the like time want be avoided and intense exercise, such how in the gym. That is, if you require to remove the extra weight and stay healthy, you simply demand to run as soon however the opportunity presents itself, but do not torture yourself too active exercise. Do ensure adequate consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables – the chief sources of regimen fiber, which normalizes the motor activity of the intestine. Dietary fiber also promote excretion of cholesterol, are “fresh food” for the normal healthy intestinal flora. Contrast showers greatly helps to keep a good shape. It supplements your regimen and a good capacity on blood circulation, respiration, and the endocrine system.


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