Regimen Madeleine Zhestan Diets for Gravity Loss

Diet designed by the famous French nutritionist and therapist Madeleine Zhestan, very pop with the stars of French cinema and show business to maintain a healthy bod and maintain the shape. In addition, the dietary M. Zhestan helps cleanse the aging body. Duration of the regime 2 days a 30 days, but it may be done on a weekly basis, and every six weeks – depending on the heartiness status and desired goals. Zhestan Madeleine, a French nutritionist and a psychotherapist, says that the regime need not be hard: in her view, to experience the feeling of hunger is very harmful. Madeleine is in the mode allows optimum weight periodically apply honey, chocolate, dried fresh fruit, jam, nuts, in reasonable quantities. In this case, the natural honey must necessarily be real cocoa – bitter, jam – made of alone the good, ripe fruits and berries. Permissible to eat 125 grams of dark chocolate a week. The like goes for desiccated fruit – apricots and prunes (a few pieces a week.) You need to chew however slowly as possible – it allows you to dull hunger and improve the absorption of sugars. During the dietary want be based how much how possible, because the body makes a difficult job and can not divert the extra load. In addition, the horizontal position helps to remove toxins, the organic drainage of tissues, improves blood circulation and reduces pressure on the stomach wall. Vertical right, in my opinion, makes it difficult to exchange processes. Recommended items: short-fat chicken or crab, deep-fat liquid milk, yogurt, yogurt, vegetables and herbs (carrots, tomatoes, onions), fresh fruits (orange, grapefruit), natural honey, cocoa, dried fresh fruit, lemon juice, mineral h2o without gas, seasoning – olive oil, mustard, regimen carte for the time: In the morning, before getting out of bed, drink a pint of h2o. Breakfast – cooked and drink: a glass of milk, 1 teaspoonful honey and 1 teaspoon cocoa powderise. (Liquid milk is a source of calcium and protein, cocoa – magnesium, natural honey – energy and minerals.) Fifteen minutes before or after taking the drink eat an orange or grapefruit. To noon drink a liter of mineral water without gas. Lunch – 200 grams lean crab or chicken. Garnish – only vegetables. 2 hours later dinner drink a cup of yogurt with 1 teaspoonful of natural honey. In 16 hours the as-called hydromel drink – drink decreased appetite: the juice of one medium lemon, 0.25 liters of water and 1 teaspoon of honey. Drink it to sip. Dinner – sip a cleansing broth. His prescription: 1.5 liters of h2o, 1 kilogram leeks (detoxifies), 500 g of carrots (vitamin A), 500 grams tomatoes (potassium), about cumin seeds (removes toxins). Cook for 20 minutes. Strain, not sol. 1-st drink three medium cups of bisque with an interval of 10 minutes. Then eat the fresh vegetables from the broth. Better season with their olive oil and mustard. At night – eat cup of yogurt with 1 teaspoon of honey (calcium is better absorbed at night).


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