Архивы за месяц April, 2012

Regime Madeleine Zhestan Regime for Gravity Loss


Diet designed by the famous French nutritionist and therapist Madeleine Zhestan, very pop with the stars of French cinema and show business to maintain a healthy bod and maintain the anatomy. In addition, the diet M. Zhestan helps cleanse the body. Duration of the regimen 2 days a 30 days, but it can be done [...]

English and French, Chinese and Japanese, the Kremlin


Why do women always on a regime and still not losing mass? Paradox – so many women were on a dietary – they still have better. Moreover, all of the fairer sex perfectly aware of this. So, it must go to the ladies’ online forum on the needs of “as to lose gravity fast”, “urgently [...]

Diet for blood group – for the 4th of blood


The fourth group of blood is the rarest and youngest. It began approximately a thousand years ago by the merger of the two opposing groups of blood – the second and 3-rd. 4-th blood group get less than 10 percent of the world’s population. People with a 4-th blood group has a rapid response to [...]

My regime helps everyone!


It turns out not to eat all three items! However, have your talk, get to the point! I want to dispel lots of rumors approximately my weight loss. In my gravity loss there are no secrets. His way, I am sharing with all and advise! In February 2008, I gave birth to daughter Masha! After [...]

Diet Kim Protasov: to become a gazelle, not skinny cow


A regime designed for 5 week. Her “favorites” – fresh vegetables and dairy items. Author diet promises that in 5 week “you lose however much as this is useful to you.” Kim Protasov – Israeli nutritionist. Diet, which he developed, does not limit the quantity fresh food: at least, raw vegetables and dairy items may [...]

Fresh fruit Dietary – one of the oldest and most active diets


Fruit regimen – one of the oldest and most efficient diet. It is designed to speedily have rid of the initial pounds and cleanse the aging body. Fresh fruit dietary also consists of some species, including the mono-diet. We consider some variants of fresh fruit regimen. Fruit regimen allowed to eat fresh fruits, cereals, cooked [...]

Regime Angel


Angel dietary – vitamin-protein regimen plan that is simple and very efficient for the relief of excess mass. Duration of the dietary Angel – 13 days. During this time, It is possible to lose 7-8 kg mass loss. Regime Angel. PitaniyaRazreshennoy fresh food system during a protein dietary angel or vegetables and fruits. Strictly prohibited [...]

Easy Regime ABC


It is also called “traffic light”, and on it all the products are divided into three groups: the item that gives the red light: in the regimen of them want opt not to apply them, and never in any method. Among them – any fast diet food, milk, mayonnaise, bacon and fatty meats, beer and [...]