Архивы за месяц March, 2012

Arrayed balanced nutrition


Newly, I stopped myself to please. Externally. Began to notice that I envy the slim and young. But decided that with age, nothing can be done… And then there was one employee stabbed me in the stomach, suggesting that the stomach is very big… Later the movie comes across to me some Tatiana Vasilieva. To [...]

Apple regime


The English get a famous old saying, eating an apple a day, you save on the doctor. So choosing apple diet however a method to lose mass, you will not only podkorrektiruete figure, but also improve your lustiness. GOOD apple diet apple for us – one of the most accessible and useful fruit. It provides [...]



Twins, you always that – that do, are constantly on the run, in a hurry up to live, to enjoy life, how they are not prone to strong completeness. True, when you consider that of the – for the eternal hasten eat something – like, normally preferring fastfut. Gemini but rarely other signs of alcohol [...]

Regime for 1000 calory = Regimen – Miracle?


Regimen for 1000 calory = Dietary – Miracle? Is it possible? Yes! I recently asked a few people colliding with which they associate the word “weight loss”. Responses were variant, but the meaning was the like: “the real hard labor,” “self-torture” and others.. It would seem that not exist no technique to lose gravity, which [...]

DIETARY MAGGI – efficient weight loss for all ages


Maggie regimen is a type of eggs regimen. This “broth” called by the name it had its creator, and not because it is based on the apply of the famous bouillon cubes. Regimen Maggie is loved by many Russian women complete: it guarantees compliance with very goodness results. Most were sitting on such a diet [...]

My beloved regimen Nicole Kidman


In compliance with this dietary is to drink a time to 1.5 liters of boiling h2o. Excluded from the regimen – alcohol, saccharose, saline. In the 1-st week reduced nearly all of the extra gravity, the second – 100-150 g per day, but losing weight is completely fixed. Time 1: Breakfast – black coffee. Lunch [...]

Regimen Larisa Dolina (2 week)


Featured products are distributed throughout the day. The finish meal – not later than 18 hours. 2 week on this diet you can lose weightiness by 9 pounds. 1-ST DAY: 300 grams dry fruit, yogurt 500 ml, 1 liter of mineral water. TIME 10 boiled potatoes, 500 ml of yogurt, 1 liter of mineral h2o. [...]

Crab Diet


Fish – a source of valuable to the human protein, vitamins and minerals. It contains phosphorus, calcium, a set up of vitamins – A, B6, B12, D, E, and zinc, magnesium, selenium, fluoride, iron, iodine plus polyunsaturated fatty acid omega-3. Omega-3 is a unique component that can alone be found in fish butter. Marine fish [...]



A typical Aries – efficient, restless people. He has a good heartiness, and that’s why you do not like to go to doctors. Aries people are able to work to exhaustion and fail to comply. Especially in nutrition. They might so right eat, drink and everything, do happy guests and same to organize a feast. [...]