Архивы за месяц January, 2012

The most efficient diet


Many women who need to lose weightiness, very often complain about different problems that hinder respect the rules of a prescribed regime. The most common – is the lack of time, inconvenient schedule, unappetizing fresh food or fresh food in short supply, the inability to acquire the necessary products and many others. It goes without [...]

Serum Ducane


Version for ice serum lovers, losing weight on a regimen Ducane… We should: 2 egg (big C0) or three littler ones, 1 cup skim liquid milk, 1/2 boxes of fluid curds Valio (about 125 grams), 4 tsp. Sweetener (Fit Parad, if other then to taste), 1/2 pods vaniliPRIGOTOVLENIE: Proteins separated from the yolks. Mix up [...]

Dietary for gastritis


Gastritis – inflammation of the lining of the stomach. Gastritis often occurs because of malnutrition, abuse regimen. But oddly enough, the main treatment for this disease is dietary. First. Must be excluded from the dietary of all alcoholic beverages, soda, fried, smoked, marinated, any sharp and very salty foods, fresh vegetables provoking fermentation in the [...]

Grape regimen


Man who wants to lose weight, at the present time offers a myriad of diets. Sometimes skin eyes have… And what if you try something unconventional, breaks common stereotypes? For example grape dietary. In – the first is a fine way to clean the body of toxins, in – the second a lovely tool for [...]

Kefir diet


Enjoy a lovely and slender shape every woman dreams of. Let say that a goodness man need be plenty. All this justification of those who may not keep her form in top contour. And even more so in an age when harmony is associated with well-being, began to actively have involved in all sorts of [...]



Twins, you always that – that do, are constantly on the run, in a rush to live, to enjoy life, as you are not prone to strong completeness. True, when you consider that of the – for the eternal hurry eat something – like, usually preferring fastfut. Gemini but rarely other signs of alcohol abuse, [...]

Regimen in English


British dietary has one distinct advantage. If the majority of trendy diet brings only a temporary escape from the extra weight, it ensures long-term, “sustainability” harmony. Is not this your dream? Every woman knows what is the basis of any principle of a strict diet – by calorific restriction. Do not argue, it gives the [...]

Protein diet


Protein diet to reset 2 weeks from three to eight pounds. It suits for those who can quite easily give up sweets and starchy foods (and not as easy to find a regime that would not require:), but may not live without meat and fish. Calculated protein regimen for 2 week. The creators of the [...]

Regimen for 11 years


In the world of modern technology and speeds regimen get get interested in even the teenagers, the problem of excess weight observed in people from 11 to 18 years. Diet for 11 years teen’s correct, useful and efficacious, most likely in the case where the power while enough balanced regimen so potential. Dietary for 11 [...]

Grape regime


Man who wants to lose weight, presently offers a myriad of regime. Sometimes skin eyes get… And what if you strive something unconventional, breaks common stereotypes? For example grape diet. In – the 1-st is a lovely method to polish the aging body of toxins, in – the second a beautiful tool for gravity loss. [...]