Архивы за месяц December, 2011

So to pick the rightly regimen


Every lady knows not bad, it is not easy to choose the best regimen of some species of the ten. Independent option of diet is terrible in that it has some limitations. However, unless a person is suffering obesity or diabetes more natural honey, how to select a regime, which approaches the most to a [...]

Elegant dietary


This diet will have rid of 2-4 pounds. The advantage of this regime is that it is made of the available products, contain fruits and vegetables. Drawback – the dietary is not too suitable work because the meals are painted on the clock. Recommended to be excluded from the diet of cane sugar, potatoes, carrots, [...]

Dietetic fresh bread with caraway seeds


Goodness all day! I’m used to the bread and in the early stages on a diet without bread Dyukanu had hard. Something was missing, especially the soups. I just do not load up. And helped me a lot of bread and oat bran. Turned out you were very tasty and nutritious. I still fry them [...]

Bisque Regime (Bonn soup)


Unlike soup regimen from all the others is that it operates on the principle that “the more to eat, the more shrivels.” Agree that the hardest part of the dietary is to give up and walk eatables always hungry. In this use case you are not threatened. Not threaten also the fact that you will [...]

Veg Regime


Weight loss regimen. The ancestors of current man believed that fresh vegetables accumulate in themselves, without which there is no life and well-being – the sun’s energy and power of fertile land. Just same the fruit dietary, veggie dietary may be called “Stone Age regime”, the main regime and vidoobrazuyuschey thousands of different people, who [...]

Dietary for blood group – for the 4th of blood


The 4-th group of blood is the rarest and youngest. It began about a thousand years ago by the merger of the two opposing groups of blood – the second and third. 4-th blood group possess less than 10 percent of the world’s population. People with a fourth blood group has a rapid response to [...]

Japanese dietary


Intelligences spring fair sex master thought of the perfect shape. These thoughts plagued us throughout the year, but in the spring – especially. It is not surprising that in the spring more and more active in conversations passers ladies, girlfriends and co-worker heard themes of fine, nutrition and various diet. One of the dietary now [...]



There are the following types of diet c your characteristics: Poor-calorie regime – characterized by apply of assorted deep-calorie diet food, perhaps, the most numerous and diverse group of diet for weight loss. Poor-fat diet will suit those who find it difficult to limit the apply of the foods. Monodiets. Provide for the apply of [...]

What you request is to be happy


Not always a bad mood is comfortably founded: the blues sometimes “just however” – a sign of a lack of vitamins and minerals. Of course, to make up the lack of them may help a particular regime. What foods to eat to feel happy? Before you start making changes to your regime, it is best [...]



Dietary to lose gravity. How to lose gravity in autumn and winter, which are the most efficacious regime in the coldness season? Section Regime to lose weightiness offers you more than one hundred articles approximately the most efficacious dietary and mass loss methods to lose gravity easily, speedily and correctly, with or without regimen diet. [...]

Carte for the week


Attention! This is some the menu, so It is possible to navigate and do their own. It is possible to change, append your own, substitute all dishes according to tasting, their money purse (the same meat – just a cheaper fish). And that those who will sit for the 1-st time on this regime! – [...]

Theme for moms. “Lose gravity and keep healthy”


Lose weight or maintain your well-being? Ducane dietary can have anything you must, in any quantity, and it speedily gained the popularity. Do not claim to count calory, eat on the clock too. Eat all you want, however long so the basis of the regimen was protein. Ducane promised myself that with his dietary may [...]