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Pierre Ducane – brilliant nutritionist France


Pierre Ducane – brilliant nutritionist France, which led his people to give up all sorts of edible delights. He is the author of the developer diet, which consists of four phases. French nutritionist Pierre Ducane (Pierre Dukan) – a specialist with a worldwide reputation, and backed by nearly 25-30 years of experience and best-selling book, [...]

Cleansing Regime for Weightiness Loss Diet


This cleansing diet purifying dietary is based on the remarkable properties of brownness rice – to adsorb toxins, remove debris and other stuff out of our intestines. In the time you need to eat three servings of raw (“brownness”) of rice, 100 grams of fruit or desiccated fresh fruit, 300 – 400 g of raw [...]

Mayo Clinic Dietary (- 8 kg per 7 days)


It is possible to not apply any alcohol, because it interferes with the removal of fat from the body. From regime to get off at least 24 hours prior to use of any alcoholic beverage. You can take the prescribed drugs. The basis of the dietary is “broth, fat-burning.” There is this bisque but daily [...]

Approximately food


Well, I’m losing weightiness, yes, many of my friends, and my mother in particular, enjoys a regime Duke. Skpeticheski I feel about it. Knew little, but I heard that it protein, and I was imagining a dietary that relies only on the consumption of animal protein – beee.. Body, I think, may not stand. But [...]

Interesting diet


The other time a woman tossed a reprint familiar with an interesting regimen. And things such however dropping weightiness women can trust – in this respect they will much more than the men. They said you checked the diet in practice, and 3 mass loss in 2 weeks was 3.4 kg. N my opinion not [...]

Moving from diet to dietary


If you require to lose weight and be successful, you wish to prepare yourself mentally for this, sort of a test. Long-term success later switching from regimen to diet will be provided done self-control and patience. The transition from one diet to another dietary: what you want to know. Any replace in the lifestyle of [...]

The Kremlin dietary. For those who do not know


All of the Kremlin regimen. Now sit on diets all – from housewives to Kremlin officials. But the basic question with most fashionable power supply systems – debilitating hunger that prevents unhappy losing weightiness work and feel happy. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” managed to find out the secrets of a limited regimen, which, however we have hinted, [...]