Архивы за месяц June, 2011

Dear Ladies!


Youth, fine, goodness shape, courage, great feeling – who among us does not dream about them? Postroynet we need and lose mass for various causes: someone discovers that beloved glad rags for some cause “village” in someone’s your suddenly appears “Prince Charming”, for which you demand to look good, etc. And one day Go to [...]

Dietary fresh bread with caraway seeds


Good all day! I’m used to the fresh bread and in the early stages on a diet without fresh bread Dyukanu had hard. Something was missing, especially the soups. I just do not load up. And helped me lots of bread and oat bran. Turned out they were very tasty and nutritious. I yet fry [...]

Dietary for gastritis


Gastritis – inflammation of the lining of the stomach. Gastritis often occurs because of malnutrition, abuse regimen. But oddly enough, the chief treatment for this disease is diet. First. Should be excluded from the diet of all alcoholic beverages, soda, fried, smoked, marinated, any sharp and very salty foods, raw vegetables provoking fermentation in the [...]