Архивы за месяц May, 2011

Serum Ducane


Version for ice cream lovers, losing weight on a regime Ducane… We wish: 2 egg (great C0) or three smaller ones, 1 cup skim liquid milk, 1/2 boxes of fluid curds Valio (approximately 125 grams), 4 tsp. Sweetener (Fit Parad, if other then to tasting), 1/2 pods vaniliPRIGOTOVLENIE: Proteins separated from the yolks. Combine eggs [...]

Dietary Kim Protasov: to get a gazelle, not skinny cow


A diet designed for 5 weeks. Her “favorites” – fresh vegetables and dairy items. Author regime promises that in 5 week “you lose however much however this is useful to you.” Kim Protasov – Israeli nutritionist. Regime, which he developed, does not limit the quantity diet food: at least, fresh vegetables and dairy products may [...]

“Regime Larisa Dolina” is one of the first places in the ranking of the most well-known


“Regime Larisa Dolina” is one of the first places in the ranking of the most pop and effective dietary, which was developed by the singer 20 years ago. Later the first application of Larisa Dolina was a stunning effect! Since it is difficult to imagine how many dieters have used this diet and rejoiced dropped [...]

The Kremlin regime


“The Kremlin regime” – is a feast for the stomach, which resulted – pushed pounds. Also, this regimen is a type of low-carbohydrate diets. “The Kremlin diet” is generally analogous to regimen “Atkins”, how, note that it is greatly simplified and less balanced. The principle of “Kremlin dietary” is in control of carbohydrate consumed, which [...]

Diet for blood group – for the 4th of blood


The 4-th group of blood is the rarest and youngest. It began approximately a thousand years ago by the merger of the two opposing groups of blood – the second and third. Fourth blood group get less than 10 percent of the world’s population. People with a 4-th blood group has a rapid response to [...]

Shaping – regime


Shaping – diet is a diet that will help you lose mass, and even as a gift you will get a cool figure. Of course, this regimen want be used in conjunction with exercise. Shaping – dietary is a regime method that typically offer and recommend to the shaping – clubs. Rations are divided into [...]

Theme for moms. “Lose weightiness and keep healthy”


Lose gravity or maintain your health? Ducane regimen may keep anything you request, in any quantity, and it speedily gained the popularity. Do not demand to count calories, eat on the clock too. Eat all you want, however long as the basis of the dietary was protein. Ducane promised myself that with his regime may [...]