Архивы за месяц March, 2011

Diet Kim Protasov: to become a gazelle, not skinny cow


A regimen designed for 5 weeks. Her “favorites” – vegetables and dairy items. Author dietary promises that in 5 weeks “you lose how much however this is useful to you.” Kim Protasov – Israeli nutritionist. Dietary, which he developed, does not limit the quantity food: at least, fresh vegetables and dairy items may eat however [...]

Mayo Clinic Regime (- 8 kilogram per week)


It is possible to not use any alcohol, because it interferes with the removal of fat from the aging body. From regimen to get off at least 24 hours prior to use of any alcoholic beverage. You can take the prescribed drugs. The basis of the regimen is “broth, fat-burning.” There is this soup but [...]

Shaping – regimen


Shaping – dietary is a regime that will help you lose weightiness, and even as a gift you will receive a cool figure. Of course, this dietary need be used in conjunction with exercise. Shaping – regimen is a diet method that typically offer and recommend to the shaping – clubs. Rations are divided into [...]

However to effectively decide the matter of maintaining goodness anatomy?


The most efficacious and very pop way of struggle with gravity at all minutes had came diet. Regimen – are exceptional rules of supply, which is necessary so to keep the success of the expected capacity. All diet were calculated on the duration of the install, which directly depends on the hardness of every regimen, [...]

Japanese regime


Intelligences spring fair sex master thought of the perfect figure. These thoughts plagued us throughout the year, but in the spring – especially. It is not surprising that in the spring more and more effectual in conversations passers ladies, girlfriends and co-worker heard themes of lovely, nutrition and varied regime. One of the dietary today [...]

Interesting regimen


The other time a woman tossed a reprint familiar with an interesting regimen. And things such how dropping weightiness women may trust – in this respect you will much more than the men. You said they checked the diet in practice, and 3 weightiness loss in 2 weeks was 3.4 kilogram. N my opinion not [...]

Easy Diet ABC


It is also called “traffic light”, and on it all the products are divided into three groups: the product that gives the red lightness: in the diet of them must opt not to apply them, and never in any technique. Among them – any fast fresh food, liquid milk, mayonnaise, bacon and fatty meats, beer [...]

Record second, or books Ducane


My exeperimental get the future time, the preparation how such is available. I am a supporter of the method Ducane, which I will write below. I’ll tell you approximately the chief components of this “regimen.” For me it is not a diet, but a technique of life in the future. Why? Explain below. Ducane dietary [...]